Brian J. Celenza

I am a developer and consultant living in Seattle, WA. I currently work for Oracle as a senior member of the Commerce Innovation Group, building ground-breaking commerce experiences and traveling the country to showcase them in front of large audiences.

My previous work includes the Distributed Commerce Platform at Resource Interactive, a patent-pending technology designed to help vendors sell their products directly on the Facebook wall with minimal effort. This innovative commerce experience received recognition from the Wall Street Journal, Ad Age, and Forrester. My role was to lead the development team and oversee platform architecture as we scaled to meet the outrageous demand for our product. This product was recently sold to a venture capitalist firm.

When time allows, I enjoy contributing to open-source projects, reading, writing, and exploring the great outdoors of Washington state.

I'm always interested in starting conversations and making connections. You can get in contact with me through Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.